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Gupta Plastics is a leading Plain Courier Bag Manufacturers in Delhi. Our lightweight Plastic Courier Packaging Bags are the most cost-effective and secure way to ship your products. Manufactured using the best quality polythene, our courier bags also have high seam strength that allows inserting more and heavy products seamlessly. These tamper-proof courier bags once sealed, can’t be opened without cutting them through. These packaging solutions are tear and water-resistant, as well.

A Courier bag is used to ship goods or documents from one place to another. Usually, it is made with LDPE/ HDPE material which is very soft, light-weighted.

What is courier bag made of?

Courier bags are made of polyethylene material, which is sturdy. The material makes the bags resistant to tearing, tampering, puncturing, and moisture. 

What is courier bag with POD?

POD Courier Bags, are made and used for postal and courier transport services. These are lightweight, strong, waterproof, and contain an adhesive strip to keep the product safe and locked. It comes with a transparent pocket to place the invoice and other important documents. 

Are courier bags biodegradable?

Details are printed on the bag as per GOVT norms. 100% Compostable & Biodegradable. 

What are tamper proof courier bags?

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It has an adhesive strip for permanent closure. It is widely used by domestic & international courier & logistic companies for the secure movement of documents and consignments. These poly mailer bags will tear when anyone makes an effort to open it, indicating tampering. 

What type of plastic are courier bags?

LDPE material, Courier bags also known as poly mailers or courier satchels are a co extruded LDPE material. This essentially means it has two layers of LDPE molded together, black on the inside and white on the outside. 

Product Details :

 Product Name :  Plain courier bag
 Minimum Order Quantity :  200kg or more...
 Bag Size :  As per your requirement
 Thickness :  51 micron or above
 Gauge :  200 or above
 Color :  Standard color (Gray and Black)
 Closure Type :  3 side sealed 1 side open with flap
 Capacity :  As per your reqyurement
 Design Type :  multi-color design can be printed as per your requirement.
 Property :  Recyclable
 Printing :  N/A
 Surface Finish :  Glossy
 Material :  LLDPE
 Pattern : matte finish
 Virgin Quality :  100% virgin material
 Shape :  Rectangular/Square
 Price or Rate per Kg :  Click here
 Shippment Charges :  As per the discussion in-between you & your transporter
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